Newcomer to the animal protection scene Australian Alliance for Animals sets out to fix the country’s “broken” animal welfare regulatory systems.

‘We’re Not Terrible People’: Animal Farmers Find Their Voice

Farmers and activists have more in common than they’re willing to admit. But the longer they fight amongst each other, the stronger the industry gets.

Britain’s Most Iconic Animal Is Under Attack

In 2021, 33,687 badgers were killed to protect cattle from the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis. By 2025, 140,000 more badgers could die.

In Vietnam, the Call for Factory Farm Divestment Grows Louder

The International Finance Corporation recently invested $26 million into Vietnam’s pig farming industry, spurring new calls for divestment.

Big Ag

New Food Strategy Could Be ‘Massive Win’ for UK Farmers and Animals

A new national strategy hopes to modernize the UK’s food system by encouraging animal farmers to transition to more sustainable farming methods.

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‘Food Over Feed’: War in Ukraine Highlights Need for Dietary Change

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused the price of animal feed to skyrocket, intensifying food insecurity in much of the global south.

Superbugs on the Shelves: Diseased Chicken Being Sold Across America

A new investigation reveals that companies routinely exceed level of bacteria allowed by USDA—and do not have to recall their products.


Sentient Media Podcast: Unlocking Curiosity With Journalist Jenny Splitter

In this episode, award-winning journalist Jenny Splitter shares her experiences reporting on everything from insect farming to optimism and manure.

Sentient Media Podcast: The Power of Blindness With Kathy Stevens

Catskill Animal Sanctuary co-founder Kathy Stevens and author of “Where the Blind Horse Sings” explains why animal sanctuaries have the power to change lives.

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Sentient Media Podcast: Dr. Aysha Akhtar on the End of Animal Testing

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Akhtar about her work building a world where animal testing is no longer the default.


Rescued Pangolins Find Sanctuary on the Liberian Coast

Despite their public profile soaring in the last three years, pangolins, dubbed “the world’s most trafficked mammal,” still face an uphill battle for survival.

The Future of Beavers Depends on Learning Lessons From the Past

For years, Scottish farmers saw the native beaver population as a menace. They learned it’s much easier to work with nature’s problem solvers than against them.

Most Factory Farms Have ‘Free Pass’ to Pollute the Environment

Emissions from factory farms in the U.S. cause more deaths than coal-fired plants. And yet, factory farming is one of the least regulated industries by the EPA.

Closer Look

Dairy in the Americas: How Colonialism Left Its Mark on the Continent

The first cows arrived on the continent with Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. For many, milk is as much a drink as it is a symbol of their colonial past.

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Experts Say Dairy Farming Is ‘Hardly Natural’. The Industry Doesn’t Agree.

The dairy industry will say almost anything, and we mean anything, to protect its image. Experts say this time it has gone too far.

The Cruelest Part of Dairy Farming Is Totally Legal

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the inherent cruelty behind dairy farming, but farmers are quick to come to its defense.